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L’Auto-Journal, 2007



Like the Americans, the Australians love big cars. Now, big cars mean big appetites, but nowadays (with rising oil prices) our friends on the other side of the planet have had to change their buying habits a little. The current preference is rather for middle of the range cars, and in this sector the market leaders Ford and Holden are not very well represented. The result is that their sales figures are in nosedive.

Inspired by the style of cars from the 1930s, the Devaux Coupe is quite something. When it comes to engines, after the 3 litre 6 cylinder with 230bhp, Devaux is now stepping up a gear to a V8 5.7 litre producing 360bhp! [nice for the environment David!] Not bad for an engine which weighs no more than 1125 kilos! Built with great care, the Devaux reveals itself as a 4.8 metre long 2 seater coupe. On the inside, the design of the dash is at one with the exterior form: perfectly retro and elegant. Really beautiful work!

Caption: The Devaux brings together talent with retro design and leading edge technology”




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