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June 2003
A MELBOURNE ENTHUSIAST'S dream of building his own 1930's French-inspired coupe is getting close to reality.

The Devaux Coupe is the brainchild of industrial designer David Clash, who drew the first sketches for the stylish two-seater design around 10 years ago.

"It started out as an exercise in aesthetics," he said. "Like all design processes it developed and grew."

The sleek 4.8 meter long Devaux, named after his mother's French-connected family name, follows in the style of the exotic French grand tourers of the '30s from the likes of Delage, Bugatti and Delahaye.

Clash has already produced one prototype using a 2.5-litre Riley chassis and '50s Jaguar running gear. He's currently working on a new version which will feature a fabricated steel chassis, fibreglass body, fully-adjustable suspension, and 16-inch wire wheels. The plan is to use a modern engine and transmission from either Ford or Holden's six-cylinder range.

So far generating public interest in the Devaux Coupe has not been a problem, with numerous enquiries from as far afield as Europe and the USA, via a website and the occasional public display.

Clash is currently seeking a financial backer to help him achieve his goal of ADR certification. He also hopes to produce a convertible down the track.

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