The Devaux coup?is the brainchild of Devaux Cars' principal David Clash.

A leading Australian industrial designer, David Clash unashamedly takes his design cues from the 1930s - a romantic era epitomised by style, elegance and extravagance.

The spirit of this era flows through much of David's work - from furniture to boats to travel accessories - but is most prominent in his eye-catching automotive designs.

David Clash has managed his own industrial design practice for over a decade.

Apart from designing and building several vehicles he has worked for a leading automotive design house and a global vehicle manufacturer.

Through his business, David's expertise extends to major exhibition design, model making and product design.

But cars are his true love and the classic 1930s European grand tourers his great passion.

Indeed, when you look at Devaux Cars' unique flagship, the Devaux coup? you see that David Clash has stepped back in time - back to that amazing era when cars were designed by artists and built by craftsmen.

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